The all-wavelength extended groth strip international survey (AEGIS) data sets


Davis, Michael A.; Guhathakurta, Puragra; Konidaris, Nick P.; Newman, Jeffrey A.; Ashby, Matthew L. N.; Biggs, Andrew D.; Barmby, Pauline; Bundy, Kevin; Chapman, Scott C.; Coil, Alison L.; Conselice, Christopher J.; Cooper, Michael C.; Croton, D. J.; Eisenhardt, Peter R. M.; Ellis, Richard S.; Faber, S. M.; Fang, T.; Fazio, Giovanni G.; Georgakakis, Antonis; Gerke, Brian F.; Goss, W. Miller; Gwyn, Stephen; Harker, J.; Hopkins, Andrew M.; Huang, Jiasheng Sheng; Ivison, Rob J.; Kassin, Susan A.; Kirby, Evan N.; Koekemoer, Anton M.; Koo, David C.; Laird, Elise S.; Le Floc'h, Emeric L. E.; Lin, Liang I.; Lotz, Jennifer M.; Marshall, P. J.; Martin, D. Christopher; Metevier, Anne J.; Moustakas, Leonidas A.; Nandra, Kirpal; Noeske, K. G.; Papovich, C.; Phillips, Andrew C.; Rich, R. Michael; Rieke, George H.; Rigopoulou, D.; Salim, S.; Schiminovich, D.; Simard, Luc; Smail, I.; Small, T. A.; Weiner, Benjamin J.; Willmer, Christopher N.; Willner, S. P.; Wilson, G.; Wright, E. L.; Yan, Renbin


In this the first of a series of Letters, we present a panchromatic data set in the Extended Groth Strip region of the sky. Our survey, the All-Wavelength Extended Groth Strip International Survey (AEGIS), aims to study the physical properties and evolutionary processes of galaxies at z∼ 1. It includes the following deep, wide-field imaging data sets: Chandra/ACIS X-ray, GALEX ultraviolet, CFHT/MegaCam Legacy Survey optical, CFHT/CFH12K optical, Hubble Space Telescope/ACS optical and NICMOS near-infrared, Palomar/WIRC near-infrared, Spitzer/IRAC mid-infrared, Spitzer/MIPS far-infrared, and VLA radio continuum. In addition, this region of the sky has been targeted for extensive spectroscopy using the Deep Imaging Multi-Object Spectrograph (DEIMOS) on the Keck II 10 m telescope. Our survey is compared to other large multiwavelength surveys in terms of depth and sky coverage.

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Journal article


Astrophysical Journal Letters, Vol. 660, no. 1 (May 2007), pp. L1-L6




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