Economic regulation in Australia: The case of the New South Wales gas


Abbott, Malcolm; Ma, Xiaoying


As most utilities in Australia in the past were government owned, researchers of Australian market regulation have tended not to pay much attention to utility regulation. This has meant that the main Australian experience of the regulation of privately owned utilities has been neglected – that of the gas industry. In this industry, price regulation has been carried out since 1912 in the major urban centres of the Australian state of New South Wales. This article aims, therefore, to look at the changes that have occurred to this regulation over the longer term, with an emphasis on the post-World War II period. In doing so, the types of regulation in New South Wales will be identified and related to changes both in Australia and in overseas.

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Journal article


Economic Papers: A Journal of Applied Economics and Policy, Vol. 36, no. 3 (Sep 2017), pp. 250-265




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