Resilient sustainable cities: a future


Roberts, Peter; Newton, Peter W.; Pearson, Leonie


The aim of this book is to examine two questions (i) what is a resilient, sustainable city? and (ii) how can it be achieved? Urbanisation is occurring at an unprecedented rate; by 2050 three quarters of the world's people will live in urban environments. The cars we drive, products we consume, houses we live in and technology we use will all determine how sustainable our cities will be. Additionally, cities are facing the biggest shocks to their existence, in the next 30 years it is expected that: population growth will stretch to breaking point urban infrastructure and service capacity; resource scarcity (e.g. peak oil; potable water and food security) will dramatically change what we consume and how and; climate change will change how we live and where. Cities can't keep doing what they've always done and cope---we need to change current urban development to achieve 'resilient, sustainable cities'. We use actual case studies and examples from around the world to explore opportunities, successes and failures.

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