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This edition documents Ken Friedman's contribution to the early days of intermedia and conceptual art. The original Fluxus edition of Friedman's Events was planned in 1966 for publication in the spring of 1967. Edited and designed by George Maciunas, the 1967 Fluxus edition waited on a large-scale printing order that never materialized. While waiting for the Fluxus edition, Friedman began exhibiting his event scores and circulating them in small editions of various kinds.

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Copyright © 2001 Ken Friedman's events were originally copyright in the year of publication. Events published between 1966 and 1978 were Copyright © in the year of publication by Fluxus and by Ken Friedman. Events published since 1978 were Copyright © in the year of publication by Ken Friedman. This collection is Copyright © 2001 by Ken Friedman. Any material in this collection may be quoted, copied, or reproduced freely with proper acknowledgment and preservation of this copyright notice.