Can diversity climate shape service innovative behavior in Vietnamese and Brazilian tour companies? The role of work passion


Luu, Trong Tuan


Feeling fairly treated and valued irrespective of their diverse backgrounds, employees may develop their passion for their work and engage in service innovation. This study seeks to understand how diversity climate can make variance in service innovative behavior among employees in the tourism industry. Utilizing the data from managers and their employees from tour companies across two countries (Vietnam and Brazil), this research provided cross-national evidence for the positive nexus between diversity climate and employees’ service innovative behavior. Two types of work passion, harmonious passion and obsessive passion, were found to mediate such a relationship. Furthermore, group diversity in terms of openness to experience demonstrated interactive effects with diversity climate to further foster service innovative behavior among employees in both samples whereas the interactive effects of expertise diversity and diversity climate was found only in the Brazilian sample.

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Journal article


Tourism Management, Vol. 72 (Jun 2019), pp. 326-339




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