E-entrepreneurship and open source software


Zutshi, Samar

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As the first stage of a larger project, this paper presents experiences of two e-Entrepreneurs in the light of Open Source Software (OSS) being accepted globally. Unlike proprietary software (such as Windows), OSS comes with its internal details visible to its users. The significant implications of this unique style of software distribution for e-Entrepreneurs are examined. Recommendations arising from the interviews include the need to be technically competent; understanding the reasons behind adopting this strategy; and identifying and addressing customers' requirements. Authors also found similarities between traits (such as being visionary; being responsive to market changes) which make an entrepreneur and e-Entrepreneurs successful.

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Conference paper


Engaging the multiple contexts of management: convergence and divergence of management theory and practice, the 19th Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management Conference (ANZAM 2005), Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia, 07-10 December 2005 / D. Davies, G. Fisher and R. Hughes (eds.)


Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management




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