Internal control in accounting research: a review and future research agenda


Chalmers, Keryn; Khlif, Hichem; Hay, David


Research exploring the determinants and economic consequences of internal control (IC) quality has gained momentum in recent years. The purpose of our paper is to synthesize the accounting related literature on IC, identify areas of research on IC that are lacking, and discuss the implications of the review for policymakers. Our findings are also relevant for managers, investors, creditors and auditors. In order to do this, we extend prior reviews by focusing on US studies published from 2013 to 2016, and by reviewing studies conducted outside the US setting. In light of increasing global efforts to enhance IC, an updated literature review with an international perspective is warranted to inform the regulatory debate surrounding the enactment of disclosure and attestation rules to enhance the transparency and quality of IC of financial reporting and their relevance to stakeholders.

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Journal article


Journal of Accounting Literature (2018)




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