An action-centred approach to conceptualising information support for routine work


Waller, Vivienne; Johnston, Robert B.; Milton, Simon K.

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In this paper, we continue our long-term project of developing a situated information systems analysis and design methodology, and present it as a radical alternative to conventional information systems analysis and design. Taking a situated approach entails focusing on action and a situated analysis and design methodology aims to increase efficiency and effectiveness through supporting routine action. We suggest that, as well as improving effectiveness and temporal efficiency, applying the situated methodology will result in less wasted human effort expended in search of information. We discuss the implications of an action focus for our conception of what an information system should be, and illustrate the application of the methodology with examples from a case study.

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Information Systems Foundations, Theory, Representation and Reality / D. N. Hart and S. D. Gregor, Chapter 9, pp. 171-196


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