The Australian private rental sector: changes and challenges


Hulse, Kath; Burke, Terry; Ralston, Liss; Stone, Wendy


This project aims to contribute to the evidence base by investigating longer term private renters in the context of a comprehensive and contemporary analysis of the PRS. The research questions are as follows. How has the PRS, and characteristics of private renter households within it, changed over time? This broad question examines the nature of the PRS over time, including householders who live in the sector, the owners and managers of rental housing, and dwelling types and location. It also addresses the structure and performance of the PRS in view of these changes on outcomes, such as security/mobility and costs. Who rents long-term in the PRS (ten or more years) and how does longer term rental feature in their housing pathways? This question is concerned with the housing histories, household characteristics and current housing circumstances of longer term private renters. How does long-term private rental relate to economic, social, health and housing outcomes, including for potentially 'vulnerable' households, over time? How does long-term private rental affect key economic, social, health and housing wellbeing, over time? What are the outcomes for potentially 'vulnerable' groups such as families with dependent children, single-person households and older people? This Positioning Paper addresses the first research question and outlines the methodological approach being deployed in the study. It is based on a review of the existing academic and policy literature and preliminary analysis of secondary data.

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Journal article


AHURI Positioning Paper, no. 149 (2012)


Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute




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