Processing and mechanical properties of porous titanium-niobium shape memory alloy for biomedical applications


Xiong, Jianyu; Li, Yuncang; Yamada, Yasuo; Hodgson, Peter; Wen, Cui'e


Ti-26 at.%Nb (hereafter Ti-26Nb) alloy foams were fabricated by space-holder sintering process. The porous structures of the foams were characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The mechanical properties of the Ti-26Nb foam samples were investigated using compressive test. Results indicate that mechanical properties of Ti-26Nb foam samples are influenced by foam porosity. The plateau stresses and elastic moduli of the foams under compression decrease with the increase of their porosities. The plateau stresses and elastic moduli are measured to be from 10~200 MPa and 0.4~5.0 GPa for the Ti-26Nb foam samples with porosities ranged from 80~50 %, respectively.

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Journal article


Materials Science Forum: PRICM 6: selected papers from the Sixth Pacific Rim International Conference On Advanced Materials and Processing (PRICM 6), ICC Jeju, Jeju Island, Korea, 05-09 November 2007 / Young Won Chang, Nack J. Kim and Chong Soo Lee (eds.), Vol. 561, no. 565 (2007), pp. 1689-1692


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