Improving occupational stress through emotional intelligence development


Hansen, Karen; Gardner, Lisa; Stough, Con

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Statistics imply that occupational stress is increasing. Whilst certain stressors may transcend individual differences, it is now generally accepted that the experience of stress or negative emotions is moderated by the way in which individuals appraise and perceive their relationship with the environment. Attention is directed to the concept of EI as a moderating variable in the stress process with emerging interest in the role emotions play in the way individuals appraise and respond to potentially threatening events or situations. Theoretically, a higher level of EI results in less occupational stress and better psychological and physical health. The authors developed a stress management programme combining traditional aspects of stress management with EI development (SSMP). The SSMP is described in its use as a training tool that incorporates modification of the stress-causing environment, and skill training in emotional self-management.

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Journal article


Organisations and People, Vol. 14, no. 2 (May 2007), pp. 70-75




Association for Management Education and Development


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