Technology in the classroom: a pilot test with a humanoid robot


Naznin, Kaberi; Farrell, Vivienne; von Baggo, Karola; Woodward, Clinton


Integrating new technology into the classroom is an evolutionary process. In this paper, we will present the progress of our work in developing an approach to integrate a humanoid NAO robot into learning environments in a manner that encourages and engages learners to actively reflect on the learning activity. Initially interviews with primary school teachers were conducted in Bangladesh and Australia to enable an understanding of their attitudes, expectations and acceptance to the use of new technology. The results of the interviews with the primary school teachers were analysed and formed the basis of the requirements for an observational study on integrating an emerging technology into primary school student education. We developed a lesson plan using a humanoid robot and pilot tested it with ten primary school students. We discovered that our lesson plan did appear to encourage discovery and reflective learning. However, it also needs to consider compulsory curriculum requirements and available technical assistance and is likely to most benefit senior primary school aged students. This pilot study will form the basis of further study.

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Conference paper


Proceedings of the International Conferences on Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction 2016; Game and Entertainment Technologies 2016; and Computer Graphics, Visualization, Computer Vision and Image Processing 2016, Madeira, Portugal, 1-4 July 2016 / Katherine Blashki, Yingcai Xiao (eds.), pp. 249-253