All-optical signal regeneration using parametric soliton switch


Collecutt, G. R.; Drummond, P. D.

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A photonic switch in the form of a logical and gate within a planar waveguide was proposed. Investigations by numerical simulation were performed with two very interesting results. Firstly, the switch displays a highly digital response with respect to perturbations in the first two parameters, and secondly the switch continues to perform well with relative energy imbalances of up to a factor of 2. Thus not only could this switch be used very effectively as an all-optical and logic gate but by combining a signal with a well timed clock pulse-train, time domain multiplexing, demultiplexing, and signal regeneration in both pulse timing and pulse energy can be performed.

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Conference paper


Conference digest of the International Quantum Electronics Conference (IQEC 2000), Nice, France, 10-15 September 2000, p. 118






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