Historical justice and memory research network


Neumann, Klaus; Hawkes, Martine; Dechian, Sonja


The Historical Justice and Memory Research Network is a networking platform for scholars, researchers and activists working on issues of historical justice and memory. It provides information and resources to encourage interdisciplinary and comparative research on issues relating to memory, memorialisation and historicisation, and historical and transitional justice. Over the past twenty-five years, studies of how injustice has been remembered and forgotten have largely occurred within the bounds of specific academic disciplines and national or local histories. This website is to facilitate interdisciplinary, transnational and comparative cross-fertilisation. This website: provides a platform for researchers to publish working papers and receive feedback; provides a forum for announcing opportunities for collaboration, fellowships, scholarships and conferences on issues of historical justice and memory; draws attention to recent relevant scholarship from across the world; publishes reviews of books and exhibitions, and conference reports; provides a directory of researchers; and profiles relevant websites.

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Website now archived. The Dialogues on Historical Justice and Memory superseded the Historical Justice and Memory Research Network, and most of the content was transferred to a website maintained by Columbia University www.historicaldialogues.org.