The effectiveness of the bills of quantities in Australia


Kenley, Russell; Wood, Bevyn


The research aimed to explore if the information in the Australian Bill of Quantities (BOQ) was presented in a manner that could be utilized effectively by the end user. Populations surveyed; contractor, subcontractor and quantity surveyor, agree that the BOQ is a document that should be retained and would be used if produced. The adequacy of information was found to be in question by the users of the BOQ. The locational information is not adequate for its purpose. The quantities are neither located in the structure nor broken down into zones so useful for material ordering, daily work production management and cost management tasks. This information provided was requested to be supplemented by the inclusion of drawings, drawing numbers and the zonal breakdown of quantities in a smaller number of BOQ items. End users concluded that the current information contained within the BOQ is efficient but not effective. Not one participant — quantity surveyors, contractors and subcontractors — believed they were adequately consulted or represented in production of the latest Standard Method of Measurement (SMM). It is concluded that there is a need for end-users such as contractors and subcontractors to have greater input into the design, development and implementation of the Australian SMM. The resultant 'consensus document' could then be an effective communication tool that is used for estimating, planning, purchasing and site management.

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Journal article


Journal of construction research, Vol. 5, no. 2 (2004), pp. 291-309




World Scientific


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