The 2007 common technology free examination for Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) Mathematical Methods and Mathematical Methods Computer Algebra System (CAS)


Leigh-Lancaster, David; Norton, Pam; Jones, Peter; Les, Magdelena; Evans, Michael; Wu, Margaret


For the period 2006 - 2009, Mathematical Methods Units 1 - 4 and Mathematical Methods (CAS) Units 1 - 4 are parallel and equivalent Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) mainstream function, algebra, calculus and probability studies, with an approved graphics calculator, and an approved CAS, as their respective assumed enabling technology. In November 2007 around 14 000 Mathematical Methods students and around 1 500 Mathematical Methods (CAS) students sat a common one hour technology-free examination. The examination covered the same function, algebra, calculus and probability content with corresponding expectations for key knowledge and key skills for both studies. This paper provides some analysis of the technology-free examination and items and student performance with respect to both cohorts. The two cohorts display essentially the same profile on almost all questions considered using IRT partial credit model of analysis on an item by item basis.

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Conference paper


Navigating currents and charting directions: 31st Annual Conference of the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia, Brisbane, 28 June-01 July 2008 / Merrilyn Goos, Ray Brown and Katie Makar (eds.), Vol. 2, pp. 331-336






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