Analyzing the intention to use mobile coupon and the moderating effects of price consciousness and gender


Jayasingh, Sudarsan; Eze, Uchenna Cyril


Research on the development, intention to use, and the use of mobile coupons is scanty, particularly in developing countries such as Malaysia. Therefore, this paper examines consumers' intention to use mobile coupon (m-coupon). The authors considered several factors and developed the conceptual framework underpinned on an extended Technology Adoption Model (TAM). The data analysis was based on 781 valid responses from four locations in Malaysia. The results indicate that perceived usefulness, attitude, and social factor influence the behavior and intention of consumers to use mobile coupons. The results also indicate that gender and price consciousness emerged significant as moderating variables. The findings in this paper could be useful in extending existing knowledge on what matters most to those considering the use of mobile coupons, and eventually provide a deeper insight into what are needed for consumers to deploy this innovation. This knowledge would also help to design and develop improved mobile coupon applications. Finally, the authors discussed several research and management implications, and suggestions for future research.

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Journal article


International Journal of e-Business Research, Vol. 8, no. 1 (2012), pp. 54-75




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