The 'Action Teaching' model of curriculum design: EAP students managing their own learning in an academic conference course


Cadman, Kate; Grey, Marianne


As EAP and study skills teachers, we can find ourselves wanting to develop a more learner-centred curriculum yet in practice we often continue to control our classrooms and direct students’ learning. We get caught between wanting to help students to work confidently as independent, autonomous learners, and fearing to relinquish control over the curriculum in case vital EAP skills are neglected. In this paper, we describe an ‘Academic Conference Course’, based on the principles of ‘Action Teaching’, in which EAP students with a wide range of English language and study experiences can participate. Through this course students manage their own learning while remaining focussed on all the relevant academic tasks. Above all, through the Academic Conference Course, students learn to reflect on their own learning needs and to negotiate the social processes involved in studying in English.

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Journal article


EA journal, Vol. 17, no. 2 (2000), pp. 21-36




ELICOS Association


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