An artifact-centric approach to generating web-based business process driven user interfaces


Yongchareon, Sira; Liu, Chengfei; Zhao, Xiaohui; Xu, Jiajie

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Workflow-based web applications are important in workflow management systems as they interact with users of business processes. With the Model-driven approach, user interfaces (UIs) of these applications can be partially generated based on functional and data requirements obtained from underlying process models. In traditional activity-centric modelling approaches, data models and relationships between tasks and data are not clearly defined in the process model; thus, it is left to UI modellers to manually identify data requirement in generated UIs. We observed that artifact-centric approaches can be applied to address the above problems. However, it brings in challenges to automatically generate UIs due to the declarative manner of describing the processes. In this paper, we propose a model-based automatic UI generation framework with related algorithms for deriving UIs from process models.

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Conference paper


Lecture notes in computer science: 11th International Conference on Web Information Systems Engineering (WISE 2010), Hong Kong, China, 12-14 December 2010 / Lei Chan, Peter Triantafillou and Torsten Suel (eds.), Vol. 6488, pp. 419-427






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