Swinburne Research Bank operates within all relevant copyright law. There are two ways the full version of a work can be made available through Swinburne Research Bank:

  • If the author owns copyright in the material, the author can grant Swinburne Research Bank the right to make the material available. Without permission from the author, Swinburne Research Bank staff will not include the full version of the work.
  • If copyright has been assigned to a publisher, Swinburne Research Bank staff will negotiate with the publisher for the right to make a version of the work available in Swinburne Research Bank. Sometimes the publisher will place conditions on the inclusion of a work; Swinburne Research Bank staff always abide by these.

Who owns the copyright in your work?

Generally you own the copyright in your work until you publish it. When you publish work, you often sign the copyright over to your publisher, either in full or in part. If this is the case we must have the publisher's permission to include the full version of your work in Swinburne Research Bank. Publishers may place restrictions on which version of your work can be included, or how long after publication your work can be included in Swinburne Research Bank. We can advise you about publisher copyright and seek permission on your behalf once you have signed our deposit agreement.

Do I need to know all the copyright details before I contribute my work?

You don't need to know all the copyright details before you contribute your work to Swinburne Research Bank. When you contribute, you agree to a deposit agreement that allows us to include your work if you hold the copyright, or seek permission from a publisher to include your work if you don't. Even if we can't include a full version of your work, we can always include citation details and a link to the full version on the publisher's website, so it is still worth contributing.

We ask that you have the permission of your co-authors (if necessary) and any other people whose copyright is included in your work when you contribute to Swinburne Research Bank.

Co-authored publications

Swinburne Research Bank lists all the authors on a publication in order, and each publication is linked to all of its authors. If the copyright in a co-authored publication is owned by the authors, please seek permission from your co-authors before making the full version available to Swinburne Research Bank. If the copyright is owned by a publisher, Swinburne Research Bank can seek permission to include the full version on your behalf.

Material that belongs to third parties

If your work includes material that belongs to someone else (such as photographs taken by someone else included in a research paper) we ask for your assurance that you have obtained permission to use, and/or credited, that material. If your work has been accepted for publication you will most likely have already satisfied this requirement.

Versions of a work

When publishers allow us to include the full version of a work in Swinburne Research Bank, sometimes they will prefer that we don’t use the published version. There are two versions of a work that may be included in Swinburne Research Bank:

  • Published version
    • Also known as the version of record
    • This is the version of the work that appears in the journal or proceedings, including page numbers and publisher formatting
    • If we can include this version, we can usually source it from the publisher.
  • Accepted manuscript
    • Also known as author's final draft, postprint, or accepted version
    • This is the last version of a paper you provide to your publisher before publication, and includes all changes made as a result of the peer review process. The content will be the same as the published version, but the published version may have typesetting, editorial or formatting changes
    • If publishers require us to use this version, we will contact you to see if you have one available.

More information about copyright

For more information on copyright, please see the Swinburne Copyright website.


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