Toward a typology of supports for enterprising women: A comparison of rural and urban Australian regions


Eversole, R.; Birdthistle, N.; Walo, M.; Godinho, V.


Today, the way we live is changing at an extraordinary rate, with multi-dimensional and multi-scalar problems leading to rising demand for entrepreneurial innovators. Entrepreneurs capable of mobilising resources, people and ideas across traditional boundaries to turn a vision into reality are uniquely positioned to tackle complex problems and generate social and economic benefits for their communities, and for society. Around the world, local communities are seeking to support the emergence and development of entrepreneurs who will create the industries of the future. This requires an appropriate support structure for entrepreneurship: often theorised as the entrepreneurial ecosystem. This chapter uses the lens of the entrepreneurial ecosystem to examine the supports available for enterprising women in two Australian regions, to encourage the development of high-growth businesses.

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Book chapter (In press)


Programs, Policies & Practices around High-Growth Women’s Entrepreneurship / A. Bullough, D. Hechavarria, C. Brush and L. Edelman (eds.)


Edward Elgar Publishing