The entrepreneurial intentions of immigrant Chinese students in Ireland


Flynn, A.; Birdthistle, N.; Boyu, F.


The chapter examines how well the theory of planned behaviour (TPB) explains the entrepreneurial intentions of immigrant Chinese students in Ireland. The study gathered data by distributing a TPB-based questionnaire to Chinese students in Ireland and 122 responses were received. The study contributes to the existing knowledge in the fields of immigrant entrepreneurship and student entrepreneurial intentions by exploring immigrant entrepreneurship from the perspective of Chinese students who study at Irish third level institutions. Scholars have rarely explored this area so far. This study has an impact on the Chinese government’s comprehension about their overseas students’ present entrepreneurial intentions in regard to establishing businesses in host countries, which would help them to introduce this entrepreneurial spirit into China. On the Irish side, this study assists the relevant government departments to develop more favourable policies for those potential international entrepreneurs and encourage them to contribute more to Ireland’s SME economy.

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Book chapter (In press)


Research Handbook on Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies: A Contextualized Approach / M. E. M. Akoorie, J. Gibb, J. M. Scott and P. Sinha (eds.)


Edward Elgar Publishing