Branching out a heritage bourbon brand (Abstract only)


Shedd, Lois


This paper takes a case study approach to investigate how heritage brands can reach new desired markets, particularly those whom they have traditionally excluded. Through an interpretive analysis of bourbon brand Jim Beam’s advertising campaign featuring American actress Mila Kunis, it studies the changing representation of women in the contemporary spirits industry to explore the tensions between the nostalgic/authentic positioning of heritage brands and their attempts to reach traditionally excluded markets. The analysis finds that a combination of anchoring strategies (‘roots’) and extension strategies (‘branches’) are mobilised in an attempt to maintain continuity for existing consumers while improving perceived accessibility for traditionally excluded consumers. In doing so, it provides preliminary insights into the gendered nature and cultural functions of commercialised nostalgia, as well as suggesting some potential paths of connection between heritage brands and their new desired audiences.

Publication year


Publication type

Conference paper


Australia New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference, Adelaide, Australia, 3–5 December 2018