The development and implementation of teaching quality assurance strategies within a Bachelor of Information Technology degree


Weal, Steve; Calway, Bruce; Heskin, Ken; Murphy, Gerald; Pilgrim, Chris J.; Sharma, Raj; Hulls, Allen; Vasudeva, Raj

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Although there is debate on quality in higher education, quality can be seen as 'fitness for purpose'. This is the definition that has been commonly accepted across the wider Swinburne University of Technology community. In 1992 Swinburne gained a grant to develop and implement strategies for assuring teaching quality within its Bachelor of Information Technology degree programs. The staff, student and industry were identified as being the major stakeholders in the program. This paper discusses the project in detail and outlines its progress to date.

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Journal article


Journal of Institutional Research in Australasia, Vol. 3, no. 1 (May 1994), pp. 51-57




Australasian Association for Institutional Research


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